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Convention of States - When Congress is Dysfunctional

What Can The People Do?

For most of the last decade Congress's approval rating has bounced along the bottom quartile hitting as low as 9%. For an even longer time the Supreme Court has been debating whether they should follow the constitution as it was written or ignore its original intent and assume an intent that fits the Court's desires. Meanwhile The executive branch has become the major writer of laws writing about 800 pages of regulations for every page of law. Regulations that span about 200,000 pages and cost in excess of $1.5 trillion. Costs that are paid by every consumer in the USA. This all intrusive big government can't set priorities or pass a budget. And it looks like the people who will suffer its excess is your children and grandchildren.

What can be done? A convention of states to recommend amendments to our constitution like a balanced budget amendment to force Congress to set priorities. Or a Court of the States to decide whether the Supreme Court has gone beyond their Constitutional restraints. These are just two of the amendments that are possible if the States call a convention. At the moment 10 states including Florida have called for a convention, 8 have a legislation which has passed 1 house and 22 have legislation they are considering. Out of these 40 states we only need 38 states to pass it.

Imagine your grandchildren growing up with the national debt declining and the red tape that is currently strangling small business all, but gone. Your kids and grandkids moving out of home and getting a good job. Of course, it is always possible that Congress will fix itself and then straighten out the Supreme Court. But for those who don't see that happening go here and find out how a state you are interested in sits on this situation and then coordinate your help with the organization active in that state.

Before he died Justice Scalia said, "The founders inserted this alternative method of obtaining constitutional amendments because they knew the Congress would be unwilling to give attention to many issues the people are concerned with, particularly those involving restrictions on the federal government's own power. The founders foresaw that and they provided the convention as a remedy. If the only way to get that convention is to take this minimal risk, then it is a reasonable one."

Now is the time to take that reasonable risk.


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