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Manatee Patriots Action Teams

At the core of Manatee Patriots are the people that do the hard work of getting things done.

These people have joined the various Action Teams that work together and share their talents in the areas that are most beneficial to the success of the organization and our goals. We urge you to get involved in one of the Action Teams listed below. Get involved with Manatee Patriots by contacting the Action Team leader listed below!

Clicking on the Action Team title will take you to a page with the most current news and actions items for that team.

Election Integrity

Manatee County Schools/Textbooks/Candidates

Manatee County Government/Candidates

Health Freedom

State Legislature

Constitution/Assembly/Grand Jury/Education

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If you have Constitutional values, believe in fiscal restraint, limited government, and a free market economy - then join us or just come and listen to one of our excellent speakers. We meet every Tuesday from 6-8 pm at Mixon Fruit Farms in the Honeybell Hall, 2525 27th St. East, Bradenton, Florida. Map it

Manatee Patriots welcomes all constitution loving Americans.

Our core values are:

  • Defend the Constitution
  • Fiscal Responsibility
  • Limited Government
  • Free Markets
  • God and Country

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